Instagrammer of the week @icaniaty

ICA NIATY was a personal Instagram until a month ago when Jessica decided to turn it into a homage to the Sapeurs of Congo. It is the first step of an upcoming platform where she will talk about this culture but also feature the eclectic and fearless fashion icons. This project started unconsciously 10 years ago after she studied fashion and she found a real interest in extravagance, menswear and the androgynous style. Jessica works in Marketing and she know that Australians constantly look for inspiration. She believes that she can help them by providing them with such sources of creativity.

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“Sailor Wear Diversified” by Francois Swanepoel

On Sunday the 1st of May, an iconic individual released some hot new designs, just in time to take some of the edge off the cold that had come to grace us. Mongi Bacela released her breathtaking new range, Sailor Wear Diversified, at News Café and the crowd was all eyes and ears as the models paraded their fabulous attire up and down the cat walk.

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