Hard Rock Café – Womens Day (9 August 2017)

The essence of National Women’s Day in South Africa is to celebrate women. It is to celebrate the vibrancy that women bring as they fulfil their roles in within their families, in society and ultimately the world. The women who marched back in 1956 displayed courage and won a battle to protect the dignity of women in South Africa. They found their place and did what they could, and they changed the lives of many.

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How it all started

Perhaps you are among our readers who have been following Editéur Plus since the beginning and you’re wondering, who is Leeroy Esbend? And who are the people behind the thirteen issues of this growing magazine. It was a treat for me to sit with Leeroy and Marc and chat about the magazine that has brought us together. I was quite eager to hear the story of how it all started for myself.

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