I first fell in love when I was eight. Before you start getting any strange ideas, the object of my desires was, actually, a pair of dark blue denim overalls. They were knee length, with an illustration of the animated cat Garfield etched across the left thigh- and fit me perfectly. It was always a source of turmoil to be parted from them and put into the formal slacks my mother preferred. Left to my own devices, I would always reach for the denim, and, ever since a pair of jeans have formed the basis of my wardrobe. Throughout its lengthy and illustrious history, denim has had some truly iconic moments, not all of them good, adorning pop culture culture gods and goddesses. I decided to recreate some of my faves with my faves:

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“Sailor Wear Diversified” by Francois Swanepoel

On Sunday the 1st of May, an iconic individual released some hot new designs, just in time to take some of the edge off the cold that had come to grace us. Mongi Bacela released her breathtaking new range, Sailor Wear Diversified, at News Café and the crowd was all eyes and ears as the models paraded their fabulous attire up and down the cat walk.

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