Leathered Skins, Unchained Hearts

From the emergence of classic rock in 1970’s Botswana, metal music has since become a prolific feature in Botswana’s Music scene. Irreverent and dissenting from all orthodox prescriptions of what it means to be black and African, evolved a subculture of black metal heads known as the Marok. The Marok, which has since 2011 enjoyed a global audience, presents a stark contrast to the typical desolate image portrayed of Africa, whilst also challenging many people’s undeveloped cultural expectations. However, as is expected, there is a glaring over-representation of the masculine narrative at the expense of its female counterpart. It is this forgotten narrative of the eccentric black woman in rock, which South African born photographer Paul Shiakallis sought to unearth in his work Leathered Skins, Unchained Hearts.

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Instagrammer of the week @jadewfoto

@jadewfoto is an 18-year-old artist living in Montreal. A lover of the arts, nostalgic with a creative and inquisitive mind. Jade never goes anywhere without her camera. Jade currently works as a food, lifestyle, event, and nightlife photographer for the best spots in the city such as Jatoba, Apartment 200, Mayfair, Flyjin, etc. Her work ranges from portrait, event, food, fashion, street, and lifestyle photography.

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